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Hoover BH52210PC Review

Last Updated: 28.06.22




Main advantage


Since this electric broom only weighs 4.7 pounds it is extremely easy to carry and maneuver, and this is only enhanced by its cordless design. It comes with a long pole that makes it easy to clean ceiling fans and high shelves. You will also appreciate the removable hand vac that is perfect for cleaning up small messes or for getting into tight spaces.



Main disadvantage


Even though this electric broom by Hoover has received mainly positive reviews a few consumers have mentioned its noise level. While the battery powered motor is relatively quiet compared to some corded stick sweepers it does emit a slight high pitched sound that can be annoying to some consumers.

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Main features explained




One of the reason this stick sweeper has quickly become a consumer favorite is its versatility. Simply by pressing a button, conveniently located on the handle, you can go from vacuuming low pile carpets and area rugs to all types of bare floors. The long slim pole allows you to easily clean ceiling fans, high shelves and reach underneath furniture, and since this cordless sweeper only weighs 4.7 pounds you don’t have to worry about arm fatigue. It can also be easily converted to a hand vac when you just need to sweep up small messes or get into tight spaces.





You will love how convenient and easy this electric broom is to use, even when you are in a hurry. It’s lightweight design makes it easy to carry up and down stairs or from room to room, unlike heavy cannister sweepers. Since it is cordless you aren’t limited by the length of the electric cord, and the battery is easy to change out as needed. Simply push the button and the battery easily pops out. It is also easy to maneuver thanks to its “steerable” design so cleaning around furniture and turning corners is a breeze.



Hoover designed this lightweight stick vacuum to be easy and convenient to use, and since it is intended to replace your heavy cannister model it comes with everything you need to clean your entire home. The sweeper head can tackle any type of flooring, and you will love the convenience of being able to adapt it to a hand held vac for small messes. Keeping draperies and other types of upholstery clean is a breeze with the included brush. It will safely remove dust, dirt, crumbs and pet hair without snagging the fabric.

The dusting brush is ideal for cleaning small tables and shelves, and it can even be used to remove dirt from ceiling fan blades. Crumbs are never a problem on couches and chairs thanks to the crevice brush. This electric broom also comes with a wall mount for convenient storage, along with a battery charger so it is always ready to clean up any mess on your floor. With everything you need to keep your home dirt and dust free included this stick sweeper is a good value for your money.


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