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Hoover SH20030 Review

Last Updated: 29.06.22


1.1 Hoover Corded Cyclonic Stick Vacuum


Main advantage


Hoover has made it easy to keep your floors clean with the lightweight and powerful SH20030 stick vacuum. It is designed to be easy and convenient to use, and it comes with all of the features you need to suction up dirt and debris off of hard and carpeted floors. This electric broom won’t mar the finish on hardwood floors or leave scuff marks along baseboards, and it also comes with an extended power cord so you can quickly vacuum larger rooms.



Main disadvantage


Even though the SH20030 is one of the top electric brooms from Hoover, some consumers have stated that it would be nice if it came with attachments. This model is designed only for use on floors and cannot be used to clean upholstery. While this doesn’t affect its performance, it could limit the usefulness of this model.

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Main features explained




This electric broom from Hoover comes with cyclonic technology that provides plenty of suction power. It will easily vacuum up dirt, pet hair, and even cat litter off of hard and carpeted flooring. The rotating brush helps to push the debris in front of the head of easy pickup, and the strong bristles can also loosen dirt from low pile rugs and carpeting. With the wind tunnel technology powering this electric broom you can easily pick up most dry spills quickly and easily.

1.3 Hoover Corded Cyclonic Stick Vacuum



One of the advantages to using this Hoover electric broom is its lightweight design. While standard vacuums are awkward to carry and maneuver the same is not true for this electric broom that comes with a lightweight construction that makes it easy to carry, even up stairs, and you will love the swivel steering that lets you glide around corners and furniture. The sweeper head comes with a wide mouth that is designed to give you cleaner floors with less work. The larger opening can suction up more dirt so you only have to make one pass across the floor. You also have the advantage of the stiff bristles that can sweep dirt up along wall edges for a floor that is spotlessly clean.



The SH20030 comes with several convenient features that will make clean ups quick and easy. The handle is designed to be comfortable to hold on to, and can be easily reclined with the push of a button. This allows you to easily reach pet hair and crumbs underneath furniture, without having to move anything. Anyone susceptible to lower back pain will appreciate not having to worry about straining muscles simply from vacuuming their floors.

Anyone with hardwood floors worries about scratches and marks, but this is not a problem with the SH20030. The wheels are designed to glide smoothly across hard surface flooring without leaving any marks. This allows you to easily keep your floors free from dust and pet hair, without having to worry about ruining the finish. This electric broom also comes with a removable dust canister for easy emptying.


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