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How to take care of your electric broom

Last Updated: 30.09.22


Now that you have an electric broom and have realized how much easier it makes house cleaning, you want to take care of it to ensure that it lasts. Keeping your electric broom functioning like new doesn’t require a lot of effort, and by following these simple steps you can significantly extend its life.

1.How to take care of your electric broom


Before you start cleaning your electric broom it is important to take a few minutes and carefully read the accompanying instructions. Not every electric broom requires the same care and cleaning, and what works for one might end up damaging another model. Here are some basic tips that will keep most electric brooms functioning like new.


Cord and battery care

If the electric broom uses battery power it is important to keep it fully charged. This will not only ensure that it is always ready to go, but it will also help keep the battery in good working order. You want to ensure that there are no leaks or corrosion around the terminals, and that the battery is stored out of direct sunlight. Power cords should never be allowed to tangle, and you always want to handle it around the base of the plug. This will help prevent the internal wires from bending or breaking, which can interfere with the path of the electrical current.


Dust Bins

While there are still a few electric brooms that use bags, most come with convenient dust bins. These canisters are designed to be easy to remove, and are effective at preventing dust particles from getting into the air. In order to prevent lose of power and suction, along with keeping dust from clogging the motor, it is important to empty the canister before it is overflowing. Most experts recommend emptying the dust bin after each use to ensure maximum suction and performance. If your model uses a bag, it is just as important to remember to change it on a regular basis.



When you look at the bottom of the sweeper head you will probably see rows of bristles on a roller. These bristles are responsible for sweeping dirt and debris off of hard floors, and getting in between carpet fibers. Over time dust, and especially pet hair, can become trapped in the bristles lessening the effectiveness of the electric broom. Simply removing the accumulate hair and debris will dramatically improve the effectiveness of the sweeper, along with prolonging the life of the bristles. This is also true for any upholstery attachments that might have come with the electric broom.


Overall care

Most electric brooms are designed to be durable and require very little maintenance. Simply emptying the dust canister and regularly removing debris and hair from the bristles is usually all that needs to be done to keep an electric broom functioning like new. You do want to wipe down the front of the sweeper, especially around the rubber bumpers just to ensure that there is not any debris that might get deposited back on your clean floor.