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Karcher K55 Plus Review

Last Updated: 30.09.22



1.1 Kärcher K55 PLUS


Main advantage


Quick cleanups on hard and carpeted floors just got easier with the Karcher K55 Plus. Every aspect of this electric broom is designed for convenience, and it might even replace your heavy traditional vacuum. With innovative technology and a flexible design, this cordless electric sweeper might be just what you need to keep your floors looking their best at home.



Main disadvantage


There have been some complaints regarding the long recharging time, which can be inconvenient if you need to sweep a small spill up in a hurry. While this does not affect the electric broom’s ability to effectively clean, having to wait up to 10 hours for the battery to fully recharge might not make this the best choice for busy households.


This model is currently unavailable. Click here to discover another great model from Karcher



Main features explained



Unique design

If you are a pet owner then you know how difficult it can be to keep up with shedding fur, not to mention the daily debris that gets routinely tracked across the floors. The K55 from Karcher comes with a unique design to help pet owners deal with the constant fur and dirt that accumulates on hard and carpeted floors. The cordless electric broom comes with two specially designed brushes to ensure that all types of flooring can be easily cleaned. The roller brush easily picks up loose dirt and small particles, while the smaller one is designed specifically for removing pet hair. The pet hair brush also comes wrapped in a removable mesh covering for easy cleaning when you are done.

1.2 Kärcher K55 PLUS



One of the main advantages of electric brooms is how easy and convenient they are to use, and this is definitely true regarding the K-55 Plus. It comes with a flexible design that allows you to use it on hard and carpeted surfaces, and the two brushes are easy to clean and remove. Since it is battery powered you don’t have to worry about being restricted by the length of the electrical cord, and the included charger ensures that it is always ready to go when you need to quickly sweep up a small mess. The power switch is conveniently located on the head of the sweeper, so you can easily turn it on and off with your foot instead of always having to stop and bend over.



There are several features included with the K-55 Plus that are designed to make it easier to keep your floors clean in between regular vacuuming. The two brushes allow you to clean a variety of surfaces and effectively remove pet hair, and can be easily switched out with the press of a button. The convenient wall bracket lets you store the electric broom out of the way while still letting the battery fully charge, and it is also great for use in small spaces. The handle can be extended for comfort and locked in the upright position when the electric broom is not in use. You will also appreciate the large capacity dust bin that is the perfect size for collecting pet hair.


This model is currently unavailable. Click here to discover another great model from Karcher