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Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS U2000R-1 Review

Last Updated: 30.09.22


Main advantage


This product is great for cleaning a wide array of surfaces, from hardwood tiles to carpets and rugs. Thanks to the automatic floor adjustment you will be able to switch from different types of floors with just a push of a button. As such, cleaning will be easier and more convenient, and you will finish your house chores faster.

According to many customers, the item comes with an increased suction power and will deliver clean surfaces without struggling too much. And, what’s more important, none of the surfaces will be deteriorated or scratched in the process. The transition between low-pile carpets and regular floors is made smoothly, with only a few hand moves.

So, whether we are talking about cotton or wool carpets or more sensitive surfaces like bamboo floors and kitchen tiles, all of them will be left spotless, without any dirt, debris, stains or dust.


Main disadvantage


Although convenient and easy to use, the Oreck Commercial vacuum comes with regular paper dust bags that cause a lot of mess and are hard to replace.

The paper is not able to catch fine particles of dust and pollen, so the air you’ll breathe will remain as polluted as it was when you started cleaning. In our opinion, vacuums that come with incorporated trash containers are a more reliable and healthier solution.

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Main features explained


4 Hypo dust bags included

The good thing is that the item is delivered with four additional dust bags that are easy to attach to the vacuum cleaner. Therefore, you can enjoy a thorough cleaning for more than one month before looking for replacement dust bags. Also, the dust bags are large enough so you’ll be able to clean the entire house without making constant trips to the trash can.

A powerful brush

What we really liked about the product is the high-speed and powerful brush roll. It whirls at approximately 6,500 RPM to move the debris toward the vacuum inlet. The result is a thorough and in-depth cleaning on all types of surfaces, including carpets, rugs or wood floors.


Convenient handle

One of the main disadvantages of large and heavy vacuums is the hard-to-maneuver handle. This problem was fixed by the new Oreck Commercial model. Despite the vacuum’s size, the handle can be used by all people. The on/off switch is conveniently placed within your finger reach, for more convenience.

Moreover, the handle moves easily so it won’t cause hand fatigue or additional pain to people suffering from arthritis.

The large cleaning path

Lastly, this product also provides a 12-inch wide cleaning path. It is specifically designed for cleaning low pile carpets and will perform this task better than other typical canister vacuum cleaners.


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