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Prolux Ion Stick Vac Review

Last Updated: 30.09.22



1.1 Prolux Ion Battery


Main advantage


Cordless electric brooms offer great mobility and convenience and that is why they are so appreciated by everyone. Getting good performance, however, can be a bit tricky, and their usability is a questionable issue. None of these drawbacks mars the outstanding performance of the Prolux, a 2 in 1 electric broom that can be used as a vacuum cleaner and as a handheld cleaning device. Because it is a bagless model, you will not have to worry about dust and allergens released into your air. Great for cleaning floors, in its vacuum cleaner setting, and ideal for cleaning your car and other more difficult areas, in its handheld version, the Prolux is for many on the best electric brooms for tile floors.



Main disadvantage


As any cordless model, the Prolux is powered by a battery that has to be recharged. It must be noted that the sweeper comes with its own docking station that also serves as the charger. The manufacturer recommends unplugging the sweeper, once the battery is full, as the charger doesn’t shut off on its own. That is the biggest disadvantage of this model and it will require you to check on the sweeper and see if it is charged, so you can unplug it.

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Main features explained



2 in 1 High Performance

It is well known that a sweeper can only do this much, but this is not the case with the high performance Prolux model. The battery powered vacuum cleaner can be used for more cleaning jobs than regular sweepers and it must also be noted that performance is not sacrificed for versatility. The Prolux is a powerful cordless vacuum cleaner that will clean the floors in your home with superior efficiency. Working for both hard floors and carpeted areas, the stick vacuum cleaner will leave nothing but outstanding cleanliness behind.

Besides the upright setting that allows being used a regular vacuum cleaner, the Prolux can be converted into a handheld version for more delicate and difficult tasks. The Multi-surface floor tool makes cleaning a breeze.

1.3 Prolux Ion Battery


Fresh Air Assured

The bagless design is a great plus, because it does not force you to purchase bags separately, helping you save money in the long run. The Prolux comes with a special Micro Filter that makes sure that the air in your home is completely free of dust and allergens. Any air that comes out from the vacuum cleaner during usage will be clean and fresh.


3 in 1 Tool

Being able to clean about anything using the same tool is extremely convenient. The Prolux comes with a 3 in 1 tool that helps cleaning all the upholstery in your home. The tool helps reaching crevices and absorbs all the dust gathered there, so you can indeed clean the entire house and ensure fresh breathable air inside. Dusting becomes a breeze, as the special tool is capable of capturing even the smallest particles of dust. All in all, this is a versatile tool that will help you with all the cleaning tasks you have lined up.


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