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Rowenta RH8552 Review

Last Updated: 29.06.22



1.1 Rowenta RH8552


Main advantage


What makes the Rowenta RH8552 really stand out from the crowd of cordless broom vacuums is its superior performance. Due to its special cyclonic technology, the unit is capable of cleaning any room with maximum efficiency. Even the smallest particles of dust are captured by this extremely competitive model and the air that comes out from the unit will be fresh and totally free of allergens.



Main disadvantage


Cordless vacuum units are appreciated for superior maneuverability and this model does not disappoint. However, it must be mentioned that the handle is a bit heavy, since this is where the batteries are located, so you will need to pay attention when you use the unit. Knocking over the handle may happen, and this is considered a downside in a unit otherwise considered the best electric broom vacuum.

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Main features explained



Delta Force Cyclonic Technology

The Rowenta RH8552 is outstanding in many aspects, but its most important feature is the Delta Force cyclonic technology it comes equipped with. According to the manufacturer, 500 ounces of air per second are accelerated through the unit, ensuring high speed airflow capable of capturing even the finest particles of dust. The 994 microhole grid located inside will make sure that all the particles of dust are trapped there, so they are not released back into the air you are breathing. The foam filter installed on top of the container is also responsible for capturing very small particles. Its amazing filtration capabilities make this unit one worth buying.

With 99% dust pick up efficiency on hard floors, this is one of the best stick vacuums you can find at the moment.

1.2 Rowenta RH8552


Great Running Time

Short battery life is what usually makes people stay away from cordless models, so it comes as a breath of fresh air having a unit like the Rowenta RH8552 that ensures 40 minute running time for one charge. This will give you plenty of time to clean the entire house, without having to make use of your regular canister vacuum. Because of the great running time, this model is used by many as a primary cleaning device, so it can save you money you would have otherwise spent on another vacuum cleaner.

The charging time is 12 hours, so you can use this vacuum cleaner every day, if you want to maintain your home clean all the time.


Optimal Suction Power

The special Delta head the unit comes equipped with helps maximizing suction so you can really pick up the finest dust particles from your floors. The vacuuming surface has large and small air canals that contribute to its outstanding efficiency. A motorized brush offers easy suction for carpeted areas, and debris is pulled out from the fabric, making your carpets look as good as new again.

The Delta head has a triangular shape so you can reach corners with ease, and the soft wheels help the head glide with ease and precision on any kind of surface, for maximum efficiency.


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