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Shark Navigator Freestyle SV1106 Review

Last Updated: 30.09.22


Main advantage


Newer vacuums have been trying to add all sorts of accessories to patch up a lot of missing features or design flaws on the original product. Some cordless vacuums, for example, make their revolving brushes dettachable because having it attached at all times makes their vacuums’ batteries run out of power too quickly. The Shark stick vacuum, on the other hand, stays simple, functional, and efficient with its powerful motor, robust battery, and excellent build quality. If you want a vacuum that doesn’t need frequent switching of heads or inconvenient emptying of dust bags, you will love this product.



Main disadvantage


Compared to other electric brooms, the Shark stick vacuum is a little heavier, weighing around 7 pounds. Furthermore, this vacuum is also bigger than a lot of portable stick vacuums and isn’t convertible into a hand vacuum. This makes cleaning sofas, stairways, and other elevated surfaces a bit more difficult, as you would not be able to comfortably lift the vacuum with only one hand for extended periods of time. If, however, you plan on only using this vacuum to sweep floors or carpets anyway, you shouldn’t have any problems.

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Main features explained



Easy Maintenance

The Shark stick vacuum contains a neat dust collection chamber instead of a bulky dust bag, which lets you throw away collected dust, hair, etc. without having to remove a dust cup or bag. Typically, in most homes with pets, long strands of hair could easily tangle and work together to impede the movement of the rolling brush. Fortunately, the Shark stick vacuum’s construction makes it easy for you to snip off the tangled hairs without having to take apart the whole vacuum. Combine these features with the convenient pop-and-go charging mechanism and you’ve got yourself a no-hassle, seamless vacuuming experience.

3. Shark Bagless Navigator Freestyle


Stellar Battery Life

One of the most common features compromised when it comes to cordless vacuums is the battery, whether its the amount of charge it can retain or the amount of time it takes to fully charge. The Shark stick vacuum, on the other hand, charges for just about four hours. There isn’t a specific battery life specified, but most customers have reported being able to clean approximately 2500 square feet on a single charge if one isn’t vacuuming on heavy carpeting or rough surfaces that would place significantly more strain on the rolling brush. Theoretically, this vacuum would be able to clean an entire house in just 1-2 charges.



A lot of vacuums boast a plethora of available accessories and features, but the Shark stick vacuum boasts instead a simple build that includes nothing more than a charging base. What’s interesting about the lack of replacable vacuum heads and other accessories, however, is how the vacuum could easily switch from cleaning bare floors to carpeted floors and slip easily under coffee tables, couches, etc., thereby making it easier for you to clean the whole house without lugging around different accessories for different tasks. Whether you need to vacuum pet hair or food crumbs, the Shark stick vacuum zips through any surface with its powerful rotating brush and motor.

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