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Shark Ninja V2930 Review

Last Updated: 30.09.22


3.Shark 10 Rechargeable Floor and Carpet Sweeper


Main advantage


The Shark Ninja V2930 is perfectly capable of picking up debris from all kinds of surfaces and this is what recommends it above all things. Lightweight and easy to maneuver, it is praised by the vast majority of those who have tried it so far.



Main disadvantage


One aspect mentioned by some buyers is that the model does not do well with large debris. On the other side, a few do take note of the fact that this is a sweeper and not a vacuum cleaner, which means that it is mostly useful for picking up dust and pet hair, and not larger debris. You may want to keep this aspect in mind when you shop for a sweeper, no matter what model.

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Main features explained



Great for both bare floors and carpets

One of the greatest things about this sweeper is that it works great on both bare floors and carpets. Buying two products, one for the first task, and a second one for the latter, would be highly impractical. The SharkNinja V2930 solves the issue by readily addressing these challenges. The motorized brush can be used on two different speeds, therefore giving you the option to switch from one to the other when you move from a carpeted surface to a bare floor. This way, your home will be easily kept clean and dust free.

1.Shark 10 Rechargeable Floor and Carpet Sweeper


Ideal for people with back pains

People suffering from back pains on a constant basis know very well how difficult it can be to clean a house. The SharkNinja V2930 comes to their rescue, offering them the possibility to tidy up their households without having to put strain on their backs. The Backsaver feature that includes a highly maneuverable handle, helps you clean with ease, and you will never have to bend from the waist once while using it. The low profile helps sticking the sweeper under furniture in places where vacuum cleaners cannot reach. You will know your home is pristine clean when you have cleaned the most difficult corners and this is possible with the help of this efficient electric broom.


Edge cleaning feature

Cleaning your home properly can be a real challenge when you have to address really difficult spots. For instance, cleaning around the edges can be a hassle, so it is a great thing that this model comes equipped with an edge cleaning squeegee that easily grabs the dust that accumulates along your walls. You will be really satisfied with the great work performed by this electric broom.


Lightweight and easy to store away

The SharkNinja V2930 is a very convenient product because it is really lightweight and easy to store away when not in use. Between major vacuuming sessions, you can use this model every day without a problem. This also helps seniors and people with back pains, as they do not have to lift a really heavy sweeper to tidy up around the house. All in all, this is a great, convenient electric broom worth having.


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