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Shark Rocket HV301HX Review

Last Updated: 30.09.22


Main advantage


You will simply love how easy it is to use this particular model from Shark. Designed by a company known for making versatile cleaning products, this one is no exception to the rule. You can use it as a stick vacuum, for performing cleaning tasks that involve carpets and floors, but, if you want to move further to cleaning stairs and upholstery, you will discover that the handheld mode of this electric broom comes in handy. The conversion is easy, and you practically get to enjoy two products at the price of one.



Main disadvantage


The main thing that buyers seem to have an issue with when using the Shark Rocket HV301HX is the fact that the canister cannot be removed from the base. This means that you will have to drag the cord after you when you need to empty the canister. Nonetheless, seeing that this particular model does a great job cleaning, buyers say that they still would purchase the same product, despite this small inconvenience. Plus, the canister is small and hauling it around is not that big deal, according to the same reviewers.

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Main features explained


It is very lightweight and easy to maneuver

When you are using an electric broom, quite an important aspect is represented by its overall weight. Trying to clean your home, dragging a heavy stick vacuum after you is not an option, which is why manufacturers always struggle to keep these models to a reasonable weight. Weighing less than 8 pounds, the Shark Rocket HV301HX is a great option for anyone who wants to clean fast and efficiently. Keep in mind that this does not compromise the performance of this electric broom, and power is not sacrificed for the sake of being ultra-lightweight.


The swivel head makes navigating around furniture a breeze

When cleaning around furniture, you will notice that picking up everything is quite a hassle. Also, when you are trying to get all the dirt and dust from corners, this may not be possible, if you do not have the right cleaning device. The Shark Rocket HV301HX solves this by coming equipped with a swivel head that easily moves along edges, corners and around furniture legs. You will not have to worry about specs of dust being left alone to accumulate in corners and tight spaces now that you have this particular model at home.


A special attachment for cleaning dust from floors is included with your purchase

While many electric sweepers and brooms do an exceptional job when it comes to picking up debris, dust can be an entirely different matter. The Shark Rocket HV301HX excels in this area, as it comes with an included dust-away attachment for cleaning floors. A microfiber pad is doing a fine job at capturing all the dust from your floors as it travels back and forth. The best part is that the pad can be washed and reused multiple times, so you do not have to worry about spending money on replacements anytime soon.


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