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Shark Rocket Review

Last Updated: 28.06.22


Main advantage


Offering the possibility to clean surfaces ranging from your floor to the carpets and the ceilings in your home, the Shark Rocket DeluxePro 3-in-1 provides the user with a great versatility and maneuverability. The vacuum was designed in such a way to enable you to convert it to a hand vacuum with ease. It includes all the tools you need to make sure you clean carpets and floors and pull dust, pet hair, and other types of debris.


Main disadvantage


The vacuum is corded, so you won’t have the same freedom as when using a cord-free sweeper. This also means that you won’t have to interrupt your cleaning sessions to charge the batteries for hours and then continue your cleaning. You might need to plug it in multiple power sockets but that won’t take the same time as charging.

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Main features explained



If you want a vacuum to help you clean anything from floors to carpets and even sofas, then this model is worth considering. The sweeper features 2-speed power settings so you can clean both the floors and the carpets properly.

The first speed setting works great with area rugs and bare floors whereas the second one is designed for deep cleaning high pile carpets. It is committed to deep cleaning carpets better than full-size upright vacuums. Plus, the swivel motion will allow you to clean hard-to-reach areas.

Easy cleaning

Keeping your home clean will reach the easy level once you make the vacuum part of your cleaning products. Designed to clean carpets and floors, the sweeper will provide users with floor-to-ceiling cleaning. The unit never loses suction or power and can easily convert to a hand vacuum. It also ensures a comfortable grip for increased maneuverability.


Corded Design

A corded vacuum means you will never have to recharge. With such models, you won’t need to pause to charge the battery and resume cleaning later. You won’t have to worry about losing the cleaning power, so you can remove all the dust and debris in one session.

Moreover, the advanced cyclonic technology it features will separate fine dirt from the air and thus prevent the debris from clogging the filter. This further means that it will keep the power suction strong over time.


Dust-Away Hard Floor Attachment

Thanks to the Dust-Away hard floor attachment it boasts, the vacuum can pull big crumbs while being gentle enough to clean fine dust on tile floors and hardwood thanks to the microfiber pad included. The pad can be washed and thus reused.

Weighing 7 pounds, the sweeper is easy to handle and store. The lightweight vacuum offers multiple storage options so you can store it in various places and choose the best option for your home. The pack includes a pet hair brush, a crevice tool, a dusting brush, an accessory bag, a microfiber pad, two washable filters, and a wall mount.


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