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Shark Rotator vs Navigator

Last Updated: 30.09.22


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What do you do when you have to choose between two top-rated products from the same manufacturer that is well-known for its great products? 

Both of these vacuum cleaners have great features and are very appreciated by customers who purchased them. The only way is to point out their features, with the good and the bad, and let you decide. 


Side by side comparison

Let’s start with a few basic features. For example, in terms of weight, the Navigator has 13.7 pounds, while the Rotator, 15.5 pounds. The first model has a 2.2 dry qts. dustbin capacity, while the second one has 1.3 dry qts. The cord for both models is 30 feet long

The Rotator is a bit noisier with 80 dB, while the other model produces only 77 dB. In other words, the Navigator is lighter, it has a larger dustbin capacity, and it also produces less noise.




If you look at the two models, you will notice that both of them have a pretty similar body style. Both devices are full-size upright vacuum cleaners with large see-through dust bins, wide cleaning heads, upright cord wraps, as well as on-board accessories. Furthermore, both models can operate as uprights or handheld vacuums. 

What is more, the two units are designed in parts, offering various assembly options. Each of the two models has four basic parts: cleaning head, upright wand, canister, and attachments. Both units are equipped with two cleaning head options. 

One of them is the brush roll for carpets and the other one is for hard floors. The dustbin from each model is quite accommodating. The Navigator comes with basic accessories, while the Rotator has a few more advanced ones. 

The latter is equipped with LED headlights, a brush roll indicator light, as well as a modern color scheme which displays pops of gray and red text at certain locations which helps a lot with usability.


Cleaning heads

As mentioned previously, both models are outfitted with a brush roll cleaning head and a cleaning head for hard floors. The Navigator has a sleeker-looking head matching the body style of the rest of the unit. It is also equipped with a microfiber cleaning headwrap in order to catch debris better. 

The Rotator, on the other hand, has a solid gray cleaning head that does not match the rest of the unit, nor does it include a microfiber cleaning pad.


Parts and accessories

There are certain accessories that come with both models. However, we need to mention that, depending on where you buy them from, these parts may or may not be included in the purchase. 

Both models include a HEPA filter, a crevice tool, a dusting brush, a pet power brush, as well as a 30-inch hose. The Rotator also includes a hard floor cleaning head, and an upholstery brush, but does not have a dust-away genie cleaning head such as the Navigator’s.



First, when it comes to the unboxing part, both these models have been reported to be equally daunting because they have large numbers of parts. Still, setting up any of these devices is a straightforward process. 

Both the Rotator and the Navigator have similar body styles and connections. For some, the Rotator has a bit more user-friendly connections due to the bright red accents on the body of the vacuum that highlight special features or relevant connections.

For daily use, both these models are characterized by excellent maneuverability and great swivel steering. The inclusion-like text labels, as well as the quick snap connections, make it extremely easy to swap hoses, wands, or accessories. 

What is more, both the Rotator and the Navigator have the ability to switch from a sturdy upright to a lightweight handheld canister vacuum.



1. Shark Rotator (NV501) Professional Upright Corded Bagless Vacuum


One of the first things you will notice about this model is that it is not as loud as other products in this category. This aspect has been pointed out by multiple customers who are very pleased. Furthermore, the vacuum is equipped with a detachable canister for increased cleaning power. 

When you get to hard-to-reach areas, you can simply remove the canister thanks to the Lift-Away technology by just pushing a button. The Shark Rotator Professional Upright vacuum was designed with the Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology as well as a HEPA filter. Thanks to these, the dust and allergens are trapped inside. 

In order to easily maneuver the device, this model is also equipped with superior swivel steering with LED headlights. In case you want to perform an extensive cleaning session, this model also comes with a large dust cup helping you to get the job done without interruptions.



If you are sick of vacuuming only to see dust spread in the air, you should try this model which comes with a HEPA filter that confines all the dust inside.

Dust is full of allergens, but thanks to the Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology, all of these allergens will also be trapped inside the vacuum, allowing you to breathe fresh air. 

The detachable canister is another appreciated feature. You can dismount it when you need to reach difficult areas, and it is very easy to clean. Certainly much better than using dust bags!

The useful swivel steering equipped with LED lights makes it extremely easy to maneuver the vacuum all around the house and especially around furniture and other obstacles.



Even though the vacuum is pretty easy to handle, some customers pointed out that it is also quite heavy, which is not the best option for everyone.

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2. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E


If it is real suction power you are seeking, search no more, as this model has it! Besides being very powerful, this upright vacuum is lightweight and portable, weighing only 13.7 pounds. Furthermore, the brush roll shutoff allows you to easily switch from deep carpets to bare floors. 

The length of the cord which is 30 feet is decent enough and you will not have to switch to another outlet so often. Like other models from the same manufacturer, the Shark Navigator vacuum cleaner features the Lift-Away Press button in order to remove the canister so that you can reach those difficult areas. 

This model does not lack the HEPA filter nor the Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology which trap the dust along with all the allergens inside the vacuum. Customers have also mentioned that the device efficiently cleans up the small dust particles from bare floors, while other vacuums fail at this task.



This 13.7-pound upright vacuum cleaner is lightweight and portable, making your cleaning sessions extremely easy and even pleasurable. 

Thanks to the HEPA filter and the anti-allergen technology, dust and allergens will not bother you anymore, as everything gets trapped inside the vacuum.

The cord is 30 feet which means that you will not have to constantly stop and switch to another outlet. As a consequence, you will also be able to save some time.

The suction power of the vacuum is highly appreciated by users who also appreciate how well the device cleans the particles from bare floors. 

Also, as some of the customers mentioned in their reviews, this model is pretty quiet.



As some of the users mentioned, this model does not have built-in lights which would have been very helpful in darker areas.

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