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Shark V2700Z Review

Last Updated: 08.08.22


Main advantage


Amazing portability and adjustability -> The Shark Cordless rechargeable floor & carpet sweeper provides you with great adjustability, being suitable for any type of space and for small corners. There are three characteristics that make this broom extremely portable: its three section handle that can be adjusted to different sizes, depending on the person who uses it, the swivel head, designed to be easily steered in any direction, and its grip, shaped so that you can handle it with zero effort..


Main disadvantage


Small garbage cup -> Though its dimensions make it easy to use, they don’t allow for a more spacious garbage cup. Because of its small dimensions, the dirt cup will need to be emptied after each use. If you need to do a lot of cleaning, this process could become inconvenient after a while.

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Main features explained



Suitable for any type of surface

The Shark model has been designed to function on any type of surface, from hard floors to bulky carpets. Due to its sweeping capabilities, you won’t have to separately buy another cleaning utensil to pick up mess deposited deep inside your living room carpet or crumbs stuck to your kitchen floor. In addition, it will help you finish sweeping your house fast in a pinch, like in the moments when you have unexpected guests and your toddler has decided to spread breadcrumbs on the carpet.

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Motorized brush

The product functions using its 10-inch motorized brush to pick up messes and debris of any size. It works perfectly when it has to deal with bits of food and crushed chips. The size of the motorized brush helps you sweep a larger surface in the least amount of time, but it is not too large to incommode you in narrow spaces, being able to pick up every little strand of dust.


Light and easy-to-use

This tiny sweeper was created for daily tasks such as sweeping your kitchen floor after lunch, your fuzzy bedroom carpet in the evenings or any mess scattered on the floor that you need to pick up right away so that it doesn’t get caked on it. However, to be able to accomplish these simple tasks quickly and without putting loads of efforts in doing it, the product is fitted with a couple of features that make it convenient to use and easy to store. It has a folding handle, that will reduce the size of the broom, enabling you to put it away in a small corner, the cleaning head has a slim design that allows it to pick up the mess under your furniture, while the handle can be easily maneuvered to fit the swivel head in all corners without you having to bend.


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