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SharkNinja DuoClean HV382 Review

Last Updated: 29.06.22

Main advantage


One feature of this eye-catching model that everyone is talking about has to be its brushes. One of them is called the bristle brush, which allows the user to deep clean carpets. This works best for vintage carpets and rugs, which need a softer vacuum that won’t rip their fibers apart. An additional brush roll is included in the box, which is meant for larger particles and which also doubles as a floor polisher, to give back shine to hardwood floors and tiles.


Main disadvantage


Overall, this product is efficient and ergonomic. However, some people raised a good point when they mentioned that it’s a bit too high for someone who isn’t very tall. This aspect might make it a bit too awkward to be used with ease by those people. The good thing is, since it is so efficient at its job, you won’t have to use it for too long. Thus, the chances of inconveniences are reduced, which makes this product exciting.

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Main features explained


Feather-like construction

The model is praised for its well-built body, that not only is durable and long-lasting, but it is also lightweight. This is important when it comes to good vacuums because it will allow you to carry it from one room to another without stumbling on power cords, and without feeling like you’ve just had an intense workout.

The machine is also versatile, and because it weighs next to nothing, it means you can take it anywhere with you, even to clean your car, your dog house or a workshop. It offers you a solution to all your vacuuming needs.

Brushes for days

If you want something that is a bit more than an ordinary cleaning tool, this product might surprise you. It converts from a standard machine to a hand vac with just one push, so it will allow you to remove dust from paintings and top shelves or from a large bookcase.

It comes with a hair removal tool, ideal for dogs, cats, and even ferrets, and a brush roll which works wonders with clothing pieces. And if you want to mount it on the wall, the model comes with a wall mount hook, meaning storage won’t be an issue.



This multi-tool device can be considered an investment because you won’t need to buy another accessory for the same purpose. It is very comfortable to use, and it is going to make chores less of a weekly burden which you have to take care of.

It also rocks LED lights to help you spot hidden bits and pieces. Moreover, it will deep clean any carpet, even if it’s covered in lots of dust and debris. This is because it has no front wall to stand in the way of particles. Additionally, no matter what surface you want to clean, even if it has large piles of dirt, this model will take care of it for you.


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