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Spot Shot 9722 Professional Review

Last Updated: 30.09.22


Main advantage


Living your life to the fullest means being able to make a lot of fun memories while also facing daily challenges, including a dirty house. However, you don’t have to change all the rugs, towels or your wardrobe every time you’re facing a huge mess.

On the contrary, choosing a powerful professional carpet stain remover such as this one will help you carry on with your daily activities, no matter how messy your rugs look.

What we liked the most about this carpet cleaner is the professional results it delivers. It is suitable for removing a wide array of stains and dirt, from tea and coffee to red wine, baby oil, apple juice, lipstick, and even mud or urine.


Main disadvantage


Although not a fault of the formula itself, some customers noticed the poorly built container that allows the substance to leak, so you should pay close attention to where and how you store the cleaner. According to some customers, the product has a strong smell that might not be tolerated by sensitive people.

We suggest using it in large spaces and that you open all the windows and doors of the room until the smell disappears. Children and pregnant women, as well as pets and sensitive people, should avoid contact with this cleaner because of the powerful chemical substances the formula contains.

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Main features explained


Convenient Bottle

The spray-on bottle is easy and convenient to use, allowing you to apply the right amount of product on the stain, without overspilling or using too much at once. Therefore, your product will last you longer and will help you remove stains from all the carpets and rugs in your house.

The manufacturer sells this product in 32oz bottles, but you can also opt for a pack of 2 to 12 units and save money in the process. This makes it an attractive offer, especially for shop owners and facility managers.



Active Ingredients

This item will safely clean and deodorize carpets and rugs, restoring their original colors and fibers. Moreover, unlike many other similar products available on the market, the new Spot Shot contains active ingredients that will deeply clean the surfaces, preventing stains from reappearing.


Powerful Formula

Thanks to its powerful formula, this product will help you quickly get rid of all the dust and stains from your carpets without requiring additional effort. In other words, it is powerful enough to restore the natural colors and shine of your rug, no matter its thickness or length.

Unlike other similar cleaners, this one won’t require any rubbing, scrubbing or vacuuming after you applied it. Just use it according to the instructions on the bottle and enjoy sparkling clean carpets after only a few minutes.


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