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Why Is an Electric Broom the Perfect Gift for a Clean Freak?

Last Updated: 08.08.22


Nowadays we all work hard, we have little time for ourselves, and chores seem to keep piling up. There isn’t too much time for relaxation for a busy person, but a good foot spa can do wonders if you offer it as a gift to someone you care about. 


Cleaning freaks

We all know someone who cannot stand a messy house, and even when it is nice and tidy, they still find something to clean or organize. If you want to make such a person happy, cleaning tools can be an excellent gift idea. 

And if it is something that could make this person’s life easier and help him or her speed up the cleaning process, it is even better. An electric broom can be a wonderful thing to have around the house and it will surely be appreciated. 


Why is an electric broom helpful around the house?

Such a device is much more efficient than a normal broomstick because it picks up the dirt and dust through suction, leaving no debris behind, and it is certainly much easier to handle than a full-sized vacuum cleaner. 

Depending on the type, which is a subject we are going to get to a bit later, an electric broom can be used for quick, daily touch-ups, but even for more extensive cleaning. Just imagine this scenario: your kids spill something in the kitchen. 

You have to get your heavy vacuum cleaner, perhaps untangle the cord, and clean the mess, then arrange the cord, and take the vacuum back. Or, you can simply take your much lighter electric broom from its holder or charger and clean everything in a matter of seconds, then put the device back in its place. 



Not only is it much easier, but it is less time-consuming to use such a cleaning unit. Furthermore, we know that there isn’t always time for cleaning every day. However, the kitchen and the bathroom are areas that tend to get dirtier very fast, and an electric broom would make your life easier in this perspective. In a few minutes, your kitchen floor can look spotless!

There is another thing we have to mention here. Do not get us wrong, an electric broom can do wonders for your home and time spent cleaning, but there isn’t a model that is as powerful as a vacuum cleaner. These tools have more powerful motors and should be used to clean the bulk in the house.


With or without a cord?

Now, that we’ve discussed some of the advantages offered by these devices, you need to know that there are two types. The corded electric brooms are powerful and have unlimited runtime, unless there is a power outage, of course. 

Also, they will consume far less power than your average vacuum cleaner. As for the downside, since they are corded, you are limited by the length of the cord and the placement of the outlet, and you have to constantly switch the outlets, and the never-ending tangling of the cord in various objects on the floor is as annoying as ever. 

The battery-operated type is much easier to handle and you have the freedom to roam anywhere in your home without thinking of outlets and cords. However, since they run on batteries, they have a limited runtime, and the motor is not as powerful as the other type. 

If you decide to get an electric broom as a gift, and you do not know which type this person would prefer, think about the size of the house. If it is a small apartment, a battery-operated model will do just fine. If we are talking about a big house with multiple bathrooms and a huge kitchen, you should consider a corded electric broom.


Things to consider when buying an electric broom

In case you want to purchase an electric broom and do not know too much about these devices, you will become dizzy when you see how many models are available on the market. Each will promise this and that, as no seller will say that their product is not good quality. So, how do you choose a model that is reliable and which also offers good quality for the money? 

Suction power is essential, whether we are talking about a corded or a battery-operated model. This feature aids you in keeping the hard floors in your house spic and span and it also ensures that the device reaches where dirt or dust tends to stick and accumulate for a long period. 

The top-of-the-line products are able to pick up crumbs from carpets, and there are even models that can pick up pet hair, dust bunnies, and larger pieces of debris. The purpose of this device is significantly reduced in case of poor suction power which cannot remove debris from corners and edges. 

Moreover, the electric brooms with a strong suction capability do not even need many attachments for picking up dirt from corners and nooks. 



Another important thing to look for is the machine’s ability to turn the brush roll off while switching from hard floors to carpets and then back to the floors. This feature reduces the amount of debris that is left behind. If you decide to go for a corded model, make sure that the cord is long enough so that the user has increased mobility and its functionality is not limited too much. 

Furthermore, longer cords allow you to cover larger areas without having to constantly stop and change the outlet. You should also analyze the nozzle. The wider it is, the fewer the number of passes made while trying to remove debris from a certain area. 

Make no mistake, a narrow nozzle has its advantages as well because it moves along confined and tight spaces much easier.

The handle of the electric broom should be convenient to use and the grip should be comfortable enough. Look for telescopic handles with soft padding as they prevent back pain while using it. 

Of course, there are other aspects you should consider based on the user’s needs, preferences, or the size of the house. However, the market has enough options for you to be able to pick the most appropriate model.