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Why Should You Use an Electric Broom?

Last Updated: 08.08.22


There are many things that you do not necessarily need but which can make your life easier. A camper shell rack can help you add some space on your car if the trunk is not big enough. And when it comes to everyday chores around your house, an electric broom can make things a lot easier.


What is an electric broom?

An electric broom is basically a slim and lightweight vacuum cleaner that is an excellent choice for sweeping hard floors. Such an item enables you to perform various types of cleaning tasks easier and quicker than most full-sized vacuum cleaners. 

Even though the power steam, canister, and full-sized upright vacuum cleaner can do the bulk of the cleaning in the house, there are usually tasks that can be fulfilled by the electric broom which is much lighter and easier to handle. The tasks we mentioned can be the regular cleaning of the kitchen and bathroom floor but also the quick and easy pick-up of those unexpected spills. 

As an example, just imagine spilling the sugar all over your kitchen floor. By the time you go get and prepare the vacuum cleaner, you would already be done cleaning with the handy electric broom. 

The standard models are somewhat tubular in shape and have a long handle extending from the top in order to easily be pushed across the floor to clean it. Furthermore, the cleaning nozzle is usually attached right to the bottom and it often includes wheels to aid the movement. 

Electric brooms can be divided into two basic categories which are the corded ones and the battery-operated models. Each category has its right place in assisting you with your house cleaning tasks.

Corded electric brooms

This category of electric brooms can be a lot more effective at removing dirt and dust because they have better suction which is generated by their more powerful motors. In case you undergo a more extensive cleaning, these types of models are more beneficial due to the fact that they have a limited runtime dictated by their power source. 

Compared to the 10 to 12 amps that are drawn by most full-sized vacuum cleaners, a typical electric broom motor will only draw around two to six amps. An electric broom is even more effective thanks to the short air passages that are meant to increase the airflow speed. 

This characteristic, together with the amount of carpet agitation created by the revolving brush, will determine how well a vacuum cleaner can pick up the dirt.


Battery-operated electric brooms

This category provides the convenience of being extremely easy to remove from its holder or charger unit, as well as carried quickly to the area of the spill, offering an effortless cleanup. A battery-operated broom is very convenient to give your kitchen or your bathroom a daily touch up. 

The batteries that come with these models are usually rechargeable nickel-cadmium or NiCads. These are trickle charged using the holder or the charger unit when the device is not in use. The older NiCads used to function better if they were charged only when significantly discharged, but the newer models have considerably reduced this memory effect. 

Therefore, they can be recharged after each use with a minimum effect on their functionality. The motors of vacuum cleaners require a great amount of electrical power in order to create an effective and strong suction, but the battery operation is limited to shorter periods of usage. They are also limited to the amount of mechanical power that the motor can generate.


Corded vs. battery-operated

So, now that you know what types of electric brooms are available, which one is best? As you might have gathered, they both have advantages and disadvantages. The corded models have more powerful suction and there is no limited runtime. 

On the other hand, you might need to switch the plugs often when you run out of cord. 

Also, if you have a lot of furniture or many items on the ground, the cord will probably get stuck in some of them, which is quite annoying and more time-consuming. 

You will not encounter any of these problems with a battery-operated, cordless electric broom. You get to quickly and easily remove the device from its charger or holder and clean any little mess with the least amount of effort. However, these models do not have such great suction power and your time is limited to shorter cleaning sessions. 

If you decide to purchase an electric broom, you should consider all these aspects and decide which type would better suit your needs. Of course, if the budget allows you, you can also buy one of each type. But that is entirely up to you, of course.



Why should you use an electric broom?

So, why should you spend money on an electric broom, when you could just as well, use a classic broom. The truth is that it is not just as well. First of all, if you use a broom, you will get most of the dirt from the floor, but you will raise the dust in the air. By the time you are done, all the dust will be back on the floor, even if you cannot see it. 

If you have furniture or floors that have a darker color, you will notice it. Moreover, a standard broom can never clean everything. It is more time-consuming, and you have to put a lot more effort into it. The electric broom does not leave anything on the surface used on, thanks to its suction power. 

You can imagine that by pushing the dirt from the floor with a normal broom, some debris will end up under some furniture where you cannot see it anymore. But it is there! If you attack the same dirt with an electric broom, it will be sucked in, and there is no risk of any escaping and hiding out of your reach.